What are the best solutions to launch your dropshipping business in Africa?

We have been hearing about Dropshipping all over Africa for a few months or even a few years. It’s a great way to get started in e-commerce, without having to have a colossal budget. The ease of access to Dropshipping  is also made with e-commerce platforms that have adapted by offering offers to start a business, sometimes without any technical knowledge. Let’s see this in detail …

The platforms to launch your dropshipping business in Africa

There are several platforms that each offer interesting and “turnkey” offers.


LocalHost is the best company in Cameroon and Africa when it comes to e-commerce sites and applications . Whatever your project, we have a solution for you

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The most well-known and most publicized platform is without counting  Shopify .
Everything “turnkey” makes sense since the site offers a Saas offer. This is a platform that hosts the entire structure and offers you, for a monthly rental, your online store.

You will be able to buy your domain name and then you will not have anything to worry about, because hosting is included in the offer.

You have the possibility to modify, at will, whatever you want. You can also sell whatever you want in whatever theme you like.

Everything is configurable.

However, you should know that Shopify has an attractive offer to create its online store , but that the note can go up very quickly when you use applications. These are modules that you will add to your e-commerce. Most of these “apps” are paid for, often with free trial days to test them.

Shopify  is used with apps like Oberlo (free) to make it easier for you to import and sell Dropshipping products.

You can also modify the theme (template) of your store, as you wish by customizing the colors, the writing styles.


Dropizi is Wizishop’s little brother. This French company, established in the market for many years with its Saas Wizishop solution, launched last year a clone of its script called Dropizi.

The solution is specially designed for e-commerce in Dropshipping. They developed their platform in May 2018, and since then they haven’t stopped improving their service.

At home, the rental offer is also available, with a turnkey offer. You will not have to add an application. Everything is already included.

Their solution is rather powerful since it really offers a complete package whether it is marketing level, follow-up sequence etc. etc.

The store is easy to learn, and the icing on the cake, compared to Shopify, everything is in French.

They also have a small free application, which you can use with your “Chrome” browser to source your products and automatically include them in your store.

The big plus of their platform is that you have business coaches at your disposal. They always answer and help you if you have the slightest problem.


I like to talk about Woocommerce because this solution, well configured, offers real prowess, and at a lower cost to  build a real online store .

Woocommerce is a plugin that you will install on top of WordPress. (Blog). It will cost you the domain name as well as the hosting.
Let’s say that for the Woocommerce solution, it will take some knowledge to install all of this.

However, be aware that there is no need to be an IT pro. Installation and configuration take a few minutes.

What is good about this solution is that it is very inexpensive. Other than the domain name and hosting, you won’t have to shell out much else, if not time.

Time to install some (free) plugins and configure Woocommerce.

If you want to automate the entire Dropshipping process on your site, it is advisable to use the (paid) Alidropship plugin.

It’s convenient and you save a lot of time. You can then source any product and automatically add it to your store.

The big plus of the Woocommerce script is that it references pretty well in Google and quite honestly it’s pretty easy to learn.

Why deprive yourself of it?

Do you have a specific project in mind?

Whatever project you have in mind in terms of  website  or mobile application creation in Cameroon ,  LocalHost  will guide you and help you clarify your ideas. Worried about your budget? No worries,  LocalHost  studies your project for free and offers you an estimate within 24 hours



A little more robust and more complex to learn, Prestashop offers a real solution. Maybe a little too much for dropshipping.

The script requires some knowledge to take charge of your E-store and succeed in obtaining an e-commerce site in your image.

Although the use of Prestashop is free, you will have to buy your domain name, your hosting and integrate paid modules to make your life easier.

And finally, to make everything easier for you, you will have to use the Alidropship plugin (Prestashop version) to add your product, source your articles, adjust shipping costs, etc.

Prestashop is a very good script but can be a bit “heavy” to use to sell Dropshipping, especially when you know the existing competing solutions.


Access to Dropshipping in Africa is quick and easy, which is why I will tend to direct you to solutions like Shopify or Dropizi in order to simplify things for you. However, be aware that you will have to pay a monthly sum.

If you don’t mind getting into a more technical field, then I would say that a solution like Woocommerce is great because you won’t have monthly fees and you can create a real store that is your own.


LocalHost  is a technology company that specializes in the  Development of digital platforms  (E-commerce, e-learning, e-services etc …),  Creation of  professional websites ,  Development of Web and Mobile applications  ,  Development of Business applications , UI / UX Design  , as well as in  Graphic Design  and  Practical Training  in the various digital professions .

LocalHost  helps businesses in Cameroon and around the world to integrate digital and increase their revenues by leveraging some of the best strategies and best practices in the global digital sector. We understand the challenges that companies and entrepreneurs face in terms of digitalization and offer cutting-edge services to support their initiatives such as  Website Creation , Development of e-commerce platforms  , Development of Web and Mobile Applications ,  SEO Referencing ,  Training in Digital Techniques .

Our Team  consists mainly of experienced engineers, UI / UX Designers and highly qualified Graphic Designers. We also have at our disposal Consultants and Partners in Germany, India, the United States and Canada, specialized in Digital Marketing and Development of IT solutions.

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