30 digital business ideas to start in Cameroon

Cameroon is the new land of start-ups and entrepreneurship.  With economic development and the birth of a real middle class, business opportunities are multiplying.

Many trained and creative Cameroonians wish to undertake and are looking for profitable business ideas to create, to make a fortune or simply to live passionately and comfortably.

There is no shortage of promising sectors:  tourism, energy, construction and construction, internet and social networks, training, services, but also more traditional sectors such as food and games.

However, the Cameroonian business environment presents obstacles:

  • difficult access to finance,
  • administrative and customs barriers,
  • legal issues,
  • difficulty recruiting qualified or trusted personnel,
  • infrastructure and industrial fabric sometimes too underdeveloped.

For each of these obstacles, the Cameroonian entrepreneur will have to find a solution, or create it himself!

A  word of advice: start from the needs of the clientele, be creative and imaginative. Leave determined, while remaining patient, because the sown seeds always take time to germinate. Work in a network and share your experiences. 

Entrepreneurship and success in Cameroon is not simple, but spaces exist to find its place.

30 online business ideas in Cameroon.

These 30 project ideas were selected according to the needs of the Cameroonian market, and in general that of French-speaking West Africa: Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Benin, Togo, Mali…

Do you have a specific project in mind?

Whatever project you have in mind in terms of  website creation  or mobile application in Cameroon ,  LocalHost  guides you and helps you clarify your ideas. Worried about your budget? No worries,  LocalHost  studies your project for free and offers you an estimate within 24 hoursGET A QUOTE WITHIN 24H

  • Idea 1:  Create a social network to recommend employees. Companies could access CVs to recruit, read recommendations, or to file a recommendation on an employee.
  • Idea 2:  Create a  co-working  space: shared offices with good internet connection. This type of space could be particularly prized by Cameroonian entrepreneurs, often looking for real estate solutions to develop their activity.
  • Idea 3:  Create guest houses with a complete tourist offer, in a destination that is still little known and has great potential.
  • Idea 4:  Create a fair and organic coffee brand.
  • Idea 5:  Create an economical and ecological prefabricated building solution.
  • Idea 6:  Create an online sales site in Cameroon for smartphones and accessories.
  • Idea 7:  Create a language or management training center.
  • Idea 8:  Create a job site reserved for Cameroonians with a higher education diploma.
  • Idea 9:  Create a consultancy and business creation assistance firm, with support for the completion of the reporting formalities.
  • Idea 10:  Create a business club on the BNI model  .
  • Idea 11:  Create an energy storage solution using batteries linked to renewable energies and solar panels.
  • Idea 12:  Create a  crowdfunding platform  ( crowdfunding ) to help launch small projects.
  • Idea 13:  Create an affordable website creation agency in Cameroon .

Do you have a specific project in mind?

Whatever project you have in mind in terms of  website creation  or mobile application in Cameroon ,  LocalHost  guides you and helps you clarify your ideas. Worried about your budget? No worries,  LocalHost  studies your project for free and offers you an estimate within 24 hours


  • Idea 14:  Create a funeral organization business.
  • Idea 15:  Create a dating site by affinity, targeting the middle class.
  • Idea 16:  Create a taxi or private car reservation platform, based on the Uber start-up model. The offer could be medium / high-end.
  • Idea 17:  Create a cheaper money transfer solution than Western Union.
  • Idea 18:  Start a building construction program. Real estate supply is indeed lower than demand in most African countries.
  • Idea 19:  Create a waste recovery network:  recycling , reuse, repair, resale of objects.
  • Idea 20:  Create a brewery. See our article  How to create a beer brand.
  • Idea 21:  Create a business importing luxury European food products to supply hotel restaurants. It is a potentially very promising activity in Cameroon
  • Idea 22:  Create a private detective agency aimed at resolving couple or family affairs.

The best digital business ideas in Africa in 2020

We have specially selected and detailed for you the list of the 10 most innovative and promising online business ideas of 2020


  • Idea 23:  Create a recipe site for Cameroonian and African dishes.
  • Idea 24:  Create an online church in Cameroon .
  • Idea 25:  Create a leisure park for children. The leisure sector is booming in Africa.
  • Idea 26:  Create a wedding planner agency: organization of weddings and family events (baptisms …).
  • Idea 27:  Create an online real estate agency in Cameroon.
  • Idea 28:  Create online medical or paramedical consultations at Camerooun.
  • Idea 29:  Create a games room, for example bingo.
  • Idea 30:  Go into Cameroonian wine production and market it online


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